Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • zac8141
    10-10 06:31 PM
    i havent c#, but i think you could use the "get asynckeystate"

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  • Beta_mle
    04-18 09:39 AM
    Wow, no response. That's discouraging.

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  • Munna Bhai
    11-01 06:56 AM

    My labour got approved but we still have to file for I-140. My h1b is going to expire on May 2007.

    Can I get H1b extension based on Labour approval? If not, is it necessary to file I-140 soon.

    Thanks in-advance for any update.

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    01-22 07:32 PM
    Thanks for replying back. I dont think we would need a change in legislaturel for USCIS to start accepting i-485 applications, when the PD's are not current. I'm sure there must be a way we are just not thinking differently. If we were talking about getting the GC, then yes we would need a change in the legislative process via or bill and so the hopes from CIR. Currently EAD does not mandate a need to prove an employer-employee relationship during renewal or issuance as in the case of a H-1B application.


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  • Ramba
    10-29 06:19 PM
    Hi ,
    One of my friends applied for his GC thru a consulting company which he does not work for...He used to work for the company but left that company before he decided to file with them...Since he has good relations with the company, they decided to file for him.
    The company recently filed his I140 but they got a RFE on I140. INS wants to know why does the company want to hire him and why he left the company in the first place..does anyone in the forum has a similar experience to share...The RFE is actually for the conmpany but the owner wants my friend to write a letter and mail it to the lawyer. Any help is appreciated.

    First, employer or his agent only reply to RFE, not your friend.

    Second, it is a simple stright forward RFE, unless INS found some fishy thing (or doubting as it is a bonafide sponsership) as employee not working for sponser. May be they are trying to control future employee loop hole. Employer can write the reason why he left and why they want to hire him back. It is a strightforward easy question to answer.

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  • reddyram
    08-18 10:19 PM
    I am in similar situation. If she comes here and we get married "new" and I am GC Holder can she get a GC too ( provided PD is current ) OR I have to wait till I become Citizen and then file ....
    I am too confused..


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  • [Legoman]
    10-24 01:15 PM
    I think I know what you mean, however, I'm not sure how to do it in Swift alone.
    You could do the opposite of what you want (objects together at the beginning then splitting up) import the swf into flash, then select the 30 frames and choose the 'Reverse frames' option to get the desired effect.

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  • tomguide
    10-05 06:12 PM
    Can somebody share any idea/experience/suggestions? Thx a lot!!


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  • coronapup
    07-24 08:03 PM
    We filed 485 on Jul 2nd. So far no receipt yet.:(
    My wife's F1 status is going to expire in Aug. She needs to change her status to H4 now. Will the status change have any negative influence on our 485 application? Do we need to send some amendment regarding the COS?
    Btw, which center she needs to send COS this time?:D :D Thanks a lot.

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  • achu
    09-26 03:45 PM
    Technically, you can do that. But it's better for you to transer your case to consular processing if you are not planning to be in the US for a couple years.

    I forget to mention that it is for my wife. she is my dependent with EAD and AP. i know if she have green card she have to stay 6 months in usa. it that applies to EAD and AP also.


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-13 01:02 PM
    My advice would be not to work.

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  • maheshf
    10-05 10:02 PM
    I just wanted to post my recent AP experience through Chicago Airport. I travelled with my wife to France and used AP to reenter. Overall process was smooth. At the counter officer asked for all 3 AP documents, but I was carrying only two with me. Officer said I need to carry all three . Then they asked me to go to different office. They took out AP ( 2 originals) , 485 notice and Passport. That�s all. It took 15 minutes. They kept one original AP and gave second AP document with stamp. I asked what if I need to travel again..i have just one more extra AP document left? They suggested that I request more documents because they need at least two originals for each entry.

    Did any one have same experience? How many documents they really need ? Has anyone asked USCIS for extra copies? How much does that cost ?

    I may have to travel couple of time for business.

    Please recommend



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  • Green.Tech
    06-24 03:51 PM
    Hi aspiration,

    This has been discussed before at:

    Hope this helps.


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  • cowboyqb
    05-06 07:06 PM
    Hello all:

    Applied for 140 transfer TSC June 2007. Have not heard anything since, I mean absolutely nothing. Is this due to the backlog?? I am starting to get worried as I checked my status and all it says is, the received date and that when there is update they will let us know.

    Did any of you apply 140 transfer in TSC around that time? Any news on those? Any case that it could've been lost?

    Big question to the experts is, what do I do to make sure they are working on it and my application is in queue.



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  • mars
    09-25 10:52 PM

    Thanks for your response..

    So what if DOL doesn't respond before the H1 expires..Can the Employer file for H1 Extension without an approved LCA ??

    And if the LCA is denied because the DOL doesn't recognize the FEIN what options have we got..Can the employer reapply for LCA or just submit the Info and wait for info from DOL ??


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  • vxg
    11-07 11:49 PM
    I have a question. I am a July 2nd 485, EAD, AP filer and I did not receive my AP yet. My H1 visa stamping got expired, and I am planning to go to India for 2 months. Can I leave US before my AP gets approved, hoping that it will be approved in the next 2 months time and my attorney will send the AP papers to my India address?

    Is it possible, please advice.


    My attorney said same i.e. no issues known so it will be OK however as a lawyer he says small Possibility of screwup.


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  • jimytomy
    04-27 05:39 PM

    My EB2 I-140 got approved during 1st week of April and USCIS successfully ported my EB3 priority date of Jan, 2006 to the new EB2 I-140. As per my attorney, interfiling shouldn't be done as I have been with same employer all along and same employer sponsored for my porting. The attorney says, this should be automatically taken care of by USCIS.

    My question is...I couldn't find the proper procedure/documentation for my scenario. Did any body come across this situation and can any one offer any suggestion?

    Thanks for any inputs,

    My Lawyer did send a interfiling letter with EB2 I -140 application. You can send it even after I-140 approval . Lawyer can send Interfiling letter requesting to approve I-1485 and also attach the copy of I485 Receipt notices ( you and your family).

    Best Luck
    Please note , I am not a Lawyer. Contact Lawyer for proper guidance.

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  • javadeveloper
    07-21 08:13 PM

    I am applying 485 for me and my wife.My wife got H1 in Oct 2006 but she didnt work until now So she dont have any paystubs.So my attroney suggested to do it on H4 but her H1 is to be collapsed for that she is planning to go canada (not for stamping)and come back so that her H 1 will be collapsed and H4 will be there.I came to know from my friends that canada people are not givng any I 94 for visitors who travle by road.If we request for I 94 they are asking to keep the same I 94 which we have in our respective document.I just want to know how to get the new I 94 for her?
    And also Please suggest If there is any way to apply for 485 without cancelling her H1.
    Thanks in advance

    Applying for I-485 is not a problem.Problem is only if your your wife gets caught for not having paystubs(that means not maintaining legal status).If your wife having a valid visa stamping , she can travel outside US(may be india) and re enter into US which clears her previous illegal status.Let us know if you find more info.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-27 07:40 PM
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will celebrate the grand opening of its new field office and application support center in Bedford on Thursday, Sept. 2, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, naturalization ceremony and tours of the facility. USCIS Associate Regional Director Shelley Goodwin will preside during the naturalization ceremony and will administer the Oath of Allegiance to 25 citizenship candidates. She will be joined by USCIS� Boston District Director Denis Riordan and USCIS� Manchester Field Office Director Simon Abi Nader.

    Gov. John Lynch will join USCIS and delivering remarks for the special naturalization ceremony. Joining USCIS for the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be Bedford Town Manager Russell Marcoux, Mayor of Manchester Ted Gatsas and Glenn C. Rotondo, acting regional administrator of General Services Administration, New England region.

    The new office, at 9 Ridgewood Road, will provide a range of immigration services, including naturalization interviews, lawful permanent resident processing, fingerprinting and photographic services and is well-suited to serve the area�s immigrant community. The new facility replaces the former Manchester location on Canal Street. The new office is based on a national model for new USCIS office locations throughout the country.

    The new building is being dedicated to Sgt. Major Abraham Cohn, Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. Cohn was born in 1832 in Guttentag, an East Prussian town. He immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-19th century and fought for the Union during the Civil War serving with the 6th New Hampshire Infantry Volunteers. He was awarded the Medal of Honor �for conspicuous gallantry� in the Battle of the Wilderness (May 6, 1864) and �for bravery & coolness� at the Battle of the Crater (July 30, 1864).

    The 25 citizenship candidates originate from 13 countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, China, France, Iran, Kosovo, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Sudan, Thailand and United Kingdom. The ribbon cutting will take place at 11 a.m. with the naturalization ceremony to follow at 1 p.m.

    More... (

    02-03 07:46 AM
    Yes, COBRA is no problem and has nothing to do with your H1B / EAD / GC status.

    06-11 02:05 PM
    can i do it by myself.
    please guide me to the right thread or if you can mention what documents i would need to apply for new AP along with the renewal of EAD

    see this thread

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